How we work

We try to tackle every problem in a data-driven, rational manner, enabling people to design solutions that come form within the company.

raz is a play of words with the problem-solving principle 'Occam’s razor': The principle states that in explaining a thing no more assumptions should be made than necessary. In terms of our work, we break down a problem step by step, in a pragmatic data-driven and rational approach that leaves little room for error and unnecessary complexity.

consulting exists in many forms, generally refering to an expert advising people in a professional or technical field. Our approach is founded in systemic organizational design: we believe that the 'expert in the problem' are mostly those affected by it. Our added value is to give them the right tools to identify & solve the problem in the most efficient and effective manner.

Health scan

To truly understand the situation at hand, we typically perform a thorough assessment at the start of every project. In this assessment we collect and analyze indicators and symptoms to reveal the actual root causes. The result of this 'health scan' is a detailed list of challenges, potential problems and a list of pragmatic and actionable recommendations - in order of urgency.

A typical health scan consists of three steps:

  1. Analysis of relevant material, collection of data and an evaluation of the context in which one operates.
  2. Interviews with relevant stakeholders and on site assessment as well as a deep-dive in the provided data.
  3. Presentation of final report and tailored project plan with detailed steps and expected results.

This health scan can also be done as a stand-alone assessment of the health of an organization.

A company with growth ambitions needs a particular set of requirements to succeed. We are convinced that successful growth can be engineered and developed a health scan that specifically looks for the key competencies and practices that are conducive to a company’s ambition to grow. The scan results in tailored recommendations on how to realize the growth ambitions. You can find out more about our health scan in Click to open our health scan information pagethis paper.

Co-designed solutions

Systemic organizational consulting starts from the idea that complex problems cannot be solved by focusing on one element, or trying only one 'known' approach. We believe that the problem should be solved in an iterative manner, finding the best possible solution, using inside knowledge.

We provide data-driven recommendations for improvement and help design & assess solutions in iterative design sessions. We also provide the tools (or help identify them) to implement the solution and enable (a select group of) the people experiencing the problem to solve the problem by providing the right coaching, support and capacity building.

We believe in long-term partnerships and knowledge transfer, where the involved parties benefit and learn from each others expertise, applying it to the challenge at hand.

Impact evaluation

At the start of a project, we define key performance indicators and concrete results that we want to achieve. These elements will be used as the benchmark against which we will evaluate our collaboration at the end. Similarly, we define the impact that we want to realize in terms of performance and company results.

Our work methodology is focused on assuring transfer of knowledge and skills to (a select group of) the people in the organization to assure that upon our 'exit', our client has internalised essential capacities and skills.

Decentralized network of experts, advisors & partners

We work in a decentralized manner, meaning that we team up with the best qualified experts for every assignment. By working with a pool of carefully selected topical experts, we guarantee the right knowledge and skill set that is required for a particular assignment.

Our strategic advisors have numerous years of experience in their respective field of expertise, bringing important insights and knowledge to our company. Our advisors help us define the right strategic priorities and play a pivotal role in the definition of our long-term corporate strategy.

Over the past few years, we have worked with exciting and innovative companies and identified ‘preferred partners’ we like to work with. By teaming up with these organizations, we are able to offer our clients cutting edge and cross-sectoral knowledge and services.